A Sparkle That Lasts: How to Properly Care for Your Engagement Ring

For years, you’ve been dreaming of the sparkling diamond that would grace your finger after your true love proposed. Now, you have the perfect engagement ring on your finger, and you want to ensure it shines for all to see. While diamonds last forever, engagement rings need a little extra care to last a lifetime. Follow these engagement ring care tips to keep your ring sparkly for years to come.

Place Jewelry Dishes Around Your Home

Even though your home is the safest place to take your engagement ring off, you still need to be careful where you place it. A ring resting precariously on the bathroom sink could be knocked down the drain, and a ring on the nightstand could be brushed to the floor and picked up by the dog. To prevent these unfortunate scenarios from happening, keep jewelry dishes throughout your home, especially on your nightstand and next to any sinks. If you need to take your engagement ring off, you can place it in one of these dishes for safekeeping.

Stay Clear of Harsh Chemicals

We know it can be hard parting with your engagement ring, especially if you just got it from your significant other, but you should always remove your ring before cleaning or dealing with harsh chemicals. Cleaning agents like bleach can dull the finish of your ring. Even chemicals in perfumes, lotions, and sunscreens can leave a residue on your ring, potentially damaging it over time. So, any time you have to use these products, go ahead and place your ring in your jewelry box or one of the ring dishes you have around your house.

Take Your Ring Off for Hands-On Activities

Unfortunately, engagement rings are not invincible. They can be susceptible to wear and tear, just like any other piece of jewelry you own. To protect its sparkle, you should leave your ring in the jewelry box whenever you participate in hands-on activities, including exercising, washing dishes, moving furniture, and cleaning the car. Of course, you can use your own judgment here, but if you’re ever unsure, we recommend erring on the side of caution.

Be Careful Taking Your Ring Off in Public

It can be tempting to take your engagement ring off in a public restroom when you’re washing your hands but resist the urge because accidents can happen all too easily. You may knock the ring down the sink drain or forget to put it back on. Another person could easily grab the ring and walk away with it without you noticing. With so many ways for things to go wrong, it’s best if you leave the ring on your finger. If you must take it off while you’re out in public, wear the ring on a necklace chain.

Keep Your Engagement Ring Clean

The best way to retain the shine of your diamond engagement ring is by keeping it clean. Make sure you avoid touching the center stone because it easily attracts dust, dirt, and body oil. To prevent it from looking hazy or cloudy over time, be sure to remove and put on your ring by grabbing the band rather than the stone.

Every once in a while, you should clean your ring at home with gentle cleaners. You can do this by soaking the ring in warm water with a small amount of mild dish soap for thirty minutes. Once the half-hour is up, gently scrub the ring with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Purchase Insurance

Your engagement ring is one of the most expensive (and precious) gifts you’ve received, and that deserves extra protection. Insuring your engagement ring can lessen the financial burden you experience if your ring is lost, stolen, or damaged. Make sure you follow the engagement ring insurance tips from your local jeweler to ensure you’re receiving full coverage.

Schedule Maintenance Appointments With Your Jeweler

Make sure you take your ring to your local jeweler for a professional cleaning at least twice a year. In addition to steam-cleaning the fine jewelry, they will examine the ring for loose prongs and diamond fractures.

If you have a 14K white gold ring, these maintenance appointments are essential. The white gold from the ring can easily scratch off, creating a yellow tinge. Your jeweler can easily fix this problem. They will have the ring rhodium plated so it’ll look brand new.

Have Your Damages Ring Professionally Repaired

Whether you just received your engagement ring or it has been resting on your finger for decades, you can start using these care tips to maintain the sparkle and shine of your ring. And if your ring is damaged, you can bring it into Michael’s Jewelers for professional ring repair in Bucks County, PA

As one of the best places to buy engagement rings in NJ, we know the intricacies of handling and caring for engagement and wedding rings. If you have any questions about caring for your ring, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We’ll help get your engagement ring looking like new again.

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