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Since 1976 Michael's Jewelers of Yardley and Fairless Hills has been making shopping for diamond engagement rings both easy and enjoyable. Our GIA trained staff is here to help you select the perfect stone, and we also carry the area's largest selection of certified diamonds by GIA and EGL. If we do not have the perfect stone for you we will be happy to bring in a selection of stones that fit your criteria. On this page you will find some helpful information about diamonds, including clarity of diamonds, as well as answers to some questions about black diamonds, men's wedding bands, and yellow fancy diamonds.

Diamonds are subject to availability, please allow 24 to 48 hours on request to see diamonds

Choosing the Right Diamond

If you are shopping for a diamond, there are certain things that you should consider to make it easier for you. You can easily find out the worth of diamonds and buy them without exceeding your budget now. All you have to do is follow a correct approach to find sparkling diamonds conveniently.

Step 1
Set a Budget
Step 2
Choose a Shape
Step 3
The 4C's
Step 4
Other Characteristics

While buying diamonds, choosing the right shape is crucial for determining its overall appearance in jewelry. Diamonds are available in a lot of variations and cuts in the market. Its shape is not just outward appearance but it also refers to how the stone is fashioned, how many facets it has. Knowledge about all the shapes can help you buy the right shape for yourself.

Round brilliant diamonds are one of the most popular ones and account for more than 75% of the diamonds that are purchased these days. Cost of these diamonds is high and is apt for engagement rings but they are found in pendants and earrings too. The brilliance and fire of these diamonds add to their popularity. Oval diamonds offer symmetrical designs yielding large surface areas and make it look bigger. These diamonds are preferred by the women who have short fingers and small hands as they give elongated look.

Princess cut diamonds are smallest of the diamonds and have inverted pyramid shape. In this shape, weight of carat is in the bottom side. It is one of the hot favorites as solitaires. Their shape is new as compared to all others. Marquise diamonds look larger than they are; this shape is elongated with the points on every end and is sometimes changed to French tip where the points are almost excised. It is also one of the great options for solitaire.

You can look for Emerald cut diamonds that appear rectangular with the corner cuts. This type of diamonds is also known as step cut due its shape that resembles a staircase. Open and large facets of this diamonds give it an imperative look with higher color and greater clarity. You can also buy pear shaped diamonds that look like a teardrop. Most of these diamonds are found in earrings and pendants. Brilliant cut heart shape diamonds are a perfect romantic choice but the shape can vary based on jewelry store you are buying it. This shape is greatly influenced by the configurations and whimsy of gem cutters.

Trillion cut diamonds are that with a triangular shape with equal sides. Use this shape for making a beautiful pair of earnings. Baguette cut diamonds another type of step cut diamonds that are frequently employed as the side stones. Because of limited number of facets, color and quality come to play, as imperfections are greatly visible in this simple shape. Radiant diamonds resembles the shape of emerald but has around 70 facets, making it more dazzling and brilliant that emerald shape.

Asscher cut diamonds are rectangular with the high crown step facets and are known for the ability to throw light. Cushion cut diamonds are other forms of diamonds that are referred to as pillow diamonds. This shape is elegant with a touch of old world. Trapezoid, Kite, and Half-Moon shaped diamonds are as that popular and are used as corner stones.