Diamonds, Wedding Bands, & Mountings, Oh My!:The Largest Bridal Sale of 2021

Are you looking for diamond wedding bands for sale or a jeweler who offers ring mounts for your inherited diamond? Well, we have some exciting news for you! This fall, we’re holding our largest bridal sale of the year.

On October 8 and 9, 2021, you can shop all loose diamonds, wedding bands, and mountings from Michael’s Jewelers at a discounted price. How much? Up to 50% off! Mark your calendars so you don’t miss this bridal sale.

Here is everything you need to know about our largest bridal sale of the year:

Which Items Are Included in the Sale?

If you’re planning a fall proposal or wedding, you’re likely looking for the finest piece of jewelry for your loved one to commemorate the moment. At Michael’s Jewelers, we already had you covered with diamonds, rings, and mountings at unbeatable prices, but in October, we’re going to provide even better deals. You can find the perfect wedding ring or diamond at completely affordable prices. Here’s a peek at some of the items you can expect to see during the bridal sale:

Loose Diamonds

Round, princess, marquise — everyone has their idea of the perfect diamond shape. When you’re looking in jewelry stores for the diamond piece that will signify the love you have for your significant other, it can be challenging to find the diamond and ring design you want in one set. That’s why many people choose to buy loose diamonds. They can choose the exact specifications of the diamond and then have a ring designed around that stone.

During our sale, we will be selling both natural and lab-grown loose diamonds at discounted rates. These high-quality certified diamonds will make any future bride feel extra special on her wedding day when she gets to wear a ring with a custom design.

Wedding Bands

All too often, brides and grooms settle for rings they are not in love with simply because they fit their budget. This shouldn’t be your story. With our sale, you can shop for wedding bands that exceed your wildest dreams at a price that can easily fit into your budget.

Even if your wedding isn’t until late 2022, you may want to consider shopping this sale. While some brides and grooms wait until a month before the wedding ceremony to buy wedding rings, this is not recommended because it puts a lot of pressure on the couple and can result in them compromising their visions for the perfect ring. By buying women and men wedding bands early, you can cut down on the amount of stress you feel and get a piece of fine jewelry you are proud of.


If your grandmother or great-grandmother has passed her diamond on to you, you may want to have it mounted into a new ring so you can wear it as your engagement ring or wedding band. Our 2021 bridal sale could be the perfect time to make the ring you’ve always dreamed of with her diamond. Our mountings come in silver and gold. 

This bridal sale is not just for brides-to-be. If you’ve been married for years now and want to refresh the look of your engagement ring, you can purchase a new ring mount and have your diamond set in a new band. You’ll be able to continue carrying the memories of your engagement with you while enjoying a shiny piece of jewelry.

The Benefits of Buying Discounted Weddings Bands and Engagement Rings

With your proposal or wedding right around the corner, you may be thinking you need to spend your life’s savings on a ring. However, this isn’t true. You can get a gorgeous ring or diamond for your special someone at a reasonable price by buying discounted wedding and engagement rings.

Shopping during a jewelry sale can provide you with more ring and diamond options than if you looked exclusively at “luxury rings.” Suddenly, rose gold or white gold is in your budget just as much as yellow gold. Moreover, the savings you earn can be used to throw a more extravagant wedding, travel abroad, or buy your dream home. Shopping even one sale can open a host of possibilities.

Save on Bridal Jewelry This Fall With Michael’s Jewelers

We hope to see you this October during our large bridal sale at Michael’s Jewelers! If you have any questions about this sale or our diamonds, wedding bands, or mountings, contact us today.

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