How to Buy Jewelry for New Moms

The new mama in your life has just experienced one of the most beautiful things, but with that came a great deal of stress, anxiety, and pain. And while she will finally be able to breathe in the sweet scent of her newborn child and make lasting memories with her little girl or boy, the hardships are far from over. You can recognize her strength by giving her a new piece of jewelry.

Carefully selected jewelry makes for the perfect gift for new moms. It marks a happy occasion and allows them to carry around a piece of their child wherever they go. The jewelry can even be passed down from generation to generation as the family grows.

If your wife, girlfriend, or fiancee is about to have a baby, follow this guide on buying a beautiful piece of new mom jewelry to make her day even more special.

Why Push Gifts Are a Thoughtful Gesture

New mom gifts given in the delivery room or shortly before or after the birth are often called “push presents” or “push gifts.” They commemorate the mom’s start to motherhood and show your appreciation for her hard work. They can even symbolize your commitment to this new journey of parenthood with her.

Jewelry is a popular choice for a push gift because it is lasting, gorgeous, and customizable. It can even become a family heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. The new mom could gift her child the ring, necklace, or bracelet when they come of age or have their own child. Before you know it, the piece of jewelry is not just a special gift — it’s a symbol of your family’s history, love, and commitment to each other. There’s no more beautiful new mom gift than this.

Factors to Consider When Buying New Mom Jewelry

When picking out a push gift for the new mama in your life, you have an endless sea of options. it can quickly become overwhelming if you’re not used to picking out jewelry for someone else. However, there’s no need to panic! The experts at our jewelry store serving Princeton, NJ, and the surrounding area can help you narrow your choices to the perfect piece that the new mom will highly treasure. Start by following these tips:

Consider Her Style

Does the new mom in your life have a preference for bold statement pieces, or does she typically opt for more understated jewelry? The answer to this question could determine whether you will buy her a pendant necklace with loud colors or a piece of fine silver jewelry that looks elegant enough for a night out but casual enough to be worn every day.

Decide if Colorful Gems Are Appropriate

Has your wife, girlfriend, or fiancee ever bought herself a piece of jewelry with colorful gemstones? If so, she may appreciate receiving a birthstone necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings as her new mom gift. If you’ve only seen her wearing jewelry with colorless diamonds, you may want to consider giving her a new mother’s ring or necklace mounted with a classic diamond.

Choose a Metal

Women carefully choose the type of metal their jewelry is made of to complement their skin tone. Before buying a piece of new mom jewelry, carefully consider whether the girl in your life wears gold, rose gold, or silver jewelry. If you can’t remember, take a peek at her jewelry box. If she has a mix of metals, you can safely choose a new piece of jewelry made with either one.

Decide on a Type of Jewelry

While looking at her current pieces of jewelry, take note of what she already has. Is her jewelry box full of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings? Some women play with rings on their fingers too much and try to avoid them, so they don’t lose them. Others are easily irritated by necklaces hanging on their necks. Make sure you choose a type of jewelry she will be comfortable wearing.

Find the Right Size

One of the hardships new moms experience before and after giving birth is swelling, especially in the hands. If you’re thinking about buying a ring as the new mom gift, you’ll want to consider her changing ring size. Most of the time, new moms’ fingers return to normal within a few months. For others, the change is permanent. To make sure she can enjoy her gift as soon as possible, get the ring a size or two larger than she normally wears and have it resized a few months later.

Shop for New Mom Jewelry Gifts at Michael’s Jewelers

Jewelry is a timeless choice for a push gift. It signifies the next step in life and carries a multitude of memories and feelings. For a new mom gift she will cherish forever, shop for fine jewelry at Michael’s Jewelers. We have myriad options that will match her new-mom glow and complement her engagement and wedding rings. To show her love and appreciation, buy a new mom gift from Michael’s Jewelers today.

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