Tips for Buying Valentine’s Jewelry for Your Special Someone

Valentine’s Day is full of romance, tradition, and tasty candy, so naturally, it’s one of the best times to go the extra mile to show your love to your significant other. While flowers and chocolate are fun to give and receive, if you’re serious about your relationship, you’re probably considering adding something more meaningful to the mix.

If your beau loves things that sparkle and shine, jewelry is always a wonderful option for a Valentine’s Day gift. Jewelry dresses up any outfit, draws oohs and ahhs from others, and is a long-lasting reminder of your love that can be passed down through generations. However, figuring out how to buy jewelry that makes a thoughtful gift while still keeping a budget in mind could drive anyone crazy. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Follow these top tips from jewelry experts to make buying Valentine’s Day jewelry S.I.M.P.L.E!

S: Set a Budget

One of the easiest mistakes to make when buying Valentine’s jewelry is shopping without a budget in mind. Sure, finding the perfect gift is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about the price tag — but the majority of people do have a limit they’re willing to spend, and establishing that limit before you start shopping will help you figure out what’s in your price range. The good news is that reputable jewelry shops will have a wide range of price options to fit every budget.

I: Investigate Preferences

Before customers even walk through the doors to our jewelry store in Hamilton, NJ, we recommend they do some initial research into what kind of jewelry their significant other likes to wear. This can be accomplished in several different ways, including:

Paying attention

Keep an eye on the types, shapes, and colors of jewelry your significant other wears day to day. Do they seem to like a particular color such as rose gold or a material such as sterling silver? Maybe they always rave about white gold jewelry or say they’ve always wanted someone to buy diamonds for them. If they suddenly bring up a brand, style, or type of jewelry that they find appealing, this can be a lucky break for you, so pay extra attention to conversations when the topic of jewelry comes up.

Talking to others

Talk to friends or relatives who are close to your significant other to find out more about their tastes. You’d be surprised by how much their friends and family might be able to help you pick out something meaningful. You can also get an idea of previous jewelry gifts they’ve received and loved, as well as ones that ended up buried in the back of their jewelry box.

Checking what they have already

A big part of buying a piece of jewelry that your significant other will love is buying them something different than what they already have. If you think your partner would be comfortable with it, try discreetly looking through their existing jewelry collection to figure out what they like. This is one of the best ways to make sure you aren’t inadvertently buying them something they have already.

Direct communication 

If you’re in a new relationship with someone and you think they might enjoy jewelry as a gift, try inquiring directly about preferred pieces of jewelry. This is best done well in advance so that it isn’t connected with buying Valentine’s jewelry and your gift remains a surprise.

M: Monitor Measurements

A necklace, bracelet, or anklet can be a beautiful and thoughtful piece of jewelry to give your significant other. However, all your hard work can go to waste if you end up needing to return the piece or get it resized because you guessed their measurements. If you think you’ll be choosing a piece that isn’t one-size-fits-all (which is most pieces except earrings and some longer necklaces), measure your significant other’s existing jewelry. Record the measurements on your phone, so you can keep the numbers handy for when you’re buying Valentine’s jewelry.

P: Pick a Category

Once you’ve figured out your budget, learned about your significant other’s taste, and gotten their measurements, it’s time to go shopping. The best way to keep yourself from being overwhelmed is to pick a category, for instance: a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace. This way, you can have an item in mind but stay flexible enough to have a few possible options to choose from.

A note on rings: If your relationship is serious or you’ve been dating for many years, a ring can sometimes be a poor choice of gift when buying Valentine’s jewelry. This is because it can send mixed messages about engagement. Of course, you can disregard this if you’re actually shopping for engagement rings. One of our Levy Creations engagement rings would definitely make a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise!

L: Listen to Experts

Jewelers aren’t only there to ring you up when you purchase jewelry. They’re an invaluable resource for knowledge about jewelry. Jewelers can help explain jewelry quality standards, names of gemstone cuts and styles, and even offer gift ideas you wouldn’t have thought about before. If you’re stumped about where to start, talking to a jeweler can lead you from total cluelessness to buying Valentine’s jewelry that your partner talks about for years!

E: Enjoy the Process

Even though you might be worried about your significant other liking your gift, it’s important to enjoy the process of buying their Valentine’s Day gift. Remembering all of the good times you’ve had together and the future you want to build with them will not only put a smile on your face but also potentially inspire ideas based on your relationship — and there’s no better gift than one that comes with a heartwarming story attached!

With our foolproof tips, buying Valentine’s Day jewelry for your significant other will be S.I.M.P.L.E this year! Stop by Michael’s Jewelers or contact us today; we’ll help you make this Valentine’s Day the most special one yet.

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