Traveling with jewelry? What no one tells you

If you don’t, the threat of seeing your holiday ruined by damage to the rings, watches, and necklaces will be very real. Pay attention to the following factors and you won’t go far wrong.

Your jewelry is at the greatest risk during the journey.

Your luggage will be touched by several baggage handlers throughout the journey, and it only takes one overly forceful individual to accidentally break those items. As such, it’s best to wear as much of the jewelry as possible – even if it does mean setting off the metal detectors.

Your jewelry probably won’t be covered by insurance.

Or at least, it won’t be covered by standard insurance packages. If you wish to gain this protection, speak to your provider about extended coverage options.

Your jewelry can easily get lost at the hotel.

Most people forget at least one item when leaving the hotel to return home. Make sure that this isn’t your jewelry by taking an organizer in your luggage. Rather than keeping this in a draw, keep the organizer in your hotel safe as this stops cleaners from having the temptation to steal.

Your jewelry doesn’t always need to be worn.

If you are going on an adventure or excursion, it may be best to keep engagement rings and sentimental items back at the hotel. Dropping your precious items in the sea or down a hole may see it lost forever.

Wearing your jewelry is an important part of the holiday, but you must be responsible.

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