Which Is The Most Popular Style Of Engagement Ring?

Round cut diamond engagement rings don’t have a monopoly on popularity, however. Another favorite that has been winning hearts and ring fingers for the past several years is the oval cut diamond ring. Like round cut diamond rings, these rings feature a center stone with remarkable brilliance due to the stone’s facets. What’s unusual about oval cut diamonds, however, is the elongating effect that an oval shape stone has on the wearer’s hand – very flattering and very popular.

Also, consider pear and teardrop-shaped diamonds! These stones are very similar to oval cut diamonds. The obvious difference is that they’re more rounded on one end and more pointed on the other. Some pear cut diamond rings are intended to be worn with the round side down, but others are intended to be worn with the point down, so it’s really a matter of personal preference. These rings were at their peak popularity in the 1950s, but a handful of celebrity rings have prompted a recent comeback. This might be the perfect choice for a bride-to-be who likes a look with a little vintage flair.

If you’re looking for a classic with a more modern twist, consider a round or oval cut center stone with a band in rose gold. Yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are all timeless choices, but rose gold has a chic and contemporary feel that’s still feminine. Many brides-to-be already have a whole array of rose gold accessories, from earrings to coffee mugs, and many love the idea of an engagement ring that fits seamlessly into their personal style. Rose gold is also flattering to just about anyone’s skin tone.

When it comes to the cut and color of engagement rings in Ewing, there are endless possibilities to suit the bride-to-be’s personal style and taste. Make sure you take every factor into consideration before selecting your special ring.

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