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When you’re shopping for engagement rings, you want nothing less than the best. Bring out the personality of your bride-to-be with elegant and stylish designs. Show your true love by creating a customized engagement ring and personalized gold wedding band that captures the heart of your significant other. You’ll see diamonds and gold, silver, or platinum from many top designers, all available at a price that meets your budget.

Every relationship is distinct, and your engagement ring should be, too. Our jewelers’ ability to customize your ring will provide you with a one-of-a-kind, gorgeous piece of jewelry. We all want our proposal to be special, so let our experienced jewelers at Michael’s Jewelers help you create the finest quality design that displays your true love.

We want to offer you something exclusive, an item that is timeless, durable, and will never lose its luster. Rely on our customer service and knowledge of the various stones to create the perfect diamond cut that meets your budget and displays the highest level of symbolism for your love. Get her something special by shopping with Michael’s Jewelers, and ask us about watch repair while you’re here!

Engagement Rings

At Michael’s Jewelers, we specialize in engagement rings that can fit anyone’s style. We offer the best selection of engagement rings in Yardley, Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas like Feasterville, Washington Crossing and Newtown, PA and even in Hamilton, Ewing, and Princeton, NJ. We offer engagement rings in store from some of your favorite brands like Artcarved, True Romance, Levy Creations, and more. Our custom jewelry shop in Bucks County, PA, takes pride in having the best and most extensive styles of engagement rings to choose from to make that moment extra special. Check out the best custom inventory of engagements at Michael’s Jewelers.

At Michael’s Jewelers, our selection of engagement rings is ideal for everyone. We offer many popular brands at our stores and online, and with each brand comes many different styles to choose from. Whether you’re in Yardley, Levittown, Feasterville, Newtown, PA, or in neighboring towns like Ewing, Princeton, or Hamilton, NJ, we have engagement rings suited towards your personal style and preference. We want to ensure that you will find something that is perfect for you or your loved ones, and our staff is always able to assist you.

Wedding Rings for Both

Men’s and women’s wedding bands from Michaels Jewelers are a stunning symbol of the love shared between you and your partner. Here, you can find the perfect fit for the perfect girl, as well as the best glint for the best gentleman. Let our rings intertwine both of you for life. We can also offer you the finest diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, and all engagement, wedding, and anniversary jewelry! Our alluring wedding bands for both men and women will capture the essence of your infinite love. For centuries, wedding bands have stood for the undeniable bond between two lovers, sanctifying their relationship at its deepest level. That symbolism remains to this very day, even in Bucks County, PA. Wedding bands broadcast whose heart belongs to who, and serves as a constant, heartwarming reminder that someone will always love you. That is why couples need to find perfect wedding rings for both the bride and groom that will most accurately represent their unity.

Engagement Ring Trends

From oval diamonds to colored stones, engagement rings come in a vast assortment of styles and designs. If you are wondering, “What are the different types of engagement rings?” here’s a list of some of the most popular traditional styles you can choose from:

Classic Styles:

  • Three-Stone Engagement Ring

  • Solitaire Engagement Ring

  • Halo Engagement Ring

  • Double Halo Engagement Ring

  • Princess-Cut Diamond Ring

  • Cluster Engagement Ring

  • Twist Engagement Ring

  • Bezel Engagement Ring

  • Pavé Engagement Ring

  • Bombe Engagement Ring

Vintage Styles:

  • Art Deco Engagement Ring

  • Victorian Engagement Ring

  • Edwardian Engagement Ring

  • Acrostic Engagement Ring

  • Art Nouveau Engagement Ring

  • Retro/Mid-Century Engagement Ring

  • Baroque Engagement Ring

Modern & Alternative Styles

  • Minimalist Engagement Ring

  • Geometric Engagement Ring

  • Confetti Engagement Ring

  • Etched Engagement Ring

  • Cosmos-Inspired Engagement Ring

  • Suspended Stone Engagement Ring

  • Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

  • Enamel Engagement Ring

  • Shaped Band Engagement Ring

  • Granulated Engagement Ring

In terms of what is currently trending, flashy bands, sustainable designs, and rose gold engagement rings are currently in!

Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings

Engagement rings traditionally have one dominant stone that acts as the centerpiece — like a solitaire or oval engagement ring, for example. Wedding rings are usually a more plain-looking silver or gold wedding band, but many couples opt for diamond-encrusted eternity bands. As far as wearing the rings goes, engagement rings are traditionally worn on the same hand as the wedding band, but many brides prefer to have one on the ring finger of each hand. The running tradition is to wear the wedding band inside the engagement ring because that places the wedding band closer to your heart.

Find the Perfect Engagement & Wedding Ring at Michael’s Jewelers in Bucks County, PA

Michael’s Jewelers is the best place to go for stunning bridal jewelry. From princess-cut diamond rings to cushion cut rose gold engagement rings, we can help you find the jewelry of your dreams. We offer custom jewelry designs and can create wedding bands for both the groom and bride. If you would like to buy or sell gold, we can help with that too — plus, we can repair jewelry that’s damaged or broken. Contact us today for more details!

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