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At Michael’s Jewelers, we carry engagement rings that fit everyone’s style. Whether you love the classic appearance of solitaire engagement rings or the boldness of a three-stone engagement ring, you can feel confident you’ll find a ring that signifies your everlasting love at our custom jewelry shop in Bucks County.

We offer the best selection of engagement rings at our jewelry store located in Yardley, just outside of Feasterville, Washington Crossing, PA, and Newtown, PA. We also have a store in Fairless Hills where you can buy diamond engagement rings and more! Whether you choose a ring from a leading brand or decide to custom make a ring, we have plenty of financing options available to support your choice.

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If you are looking for original engagement rings, we will help you design an engagement ring that is perfect for you. We also offer halo engagement rings as well as pink engagement rings.

Custom Engagement Rings for Your Special Day

Your engagement is one of the most memorable days of your life. It deserves a big, sparkly celebration, including a custom engagement ring with a beautiful center stone. If you or your true love has a vision of the perfect ring, let our designers know your ideas, and we’ll bring them to life. Now is the time to buy the diamond engagement ring you’ve always wanted for your big day.

We make it simple to get a custom diamond ring by offering design services at both of our Yardley and Fairless Hills locations. With state-of-the-art technology, we can create a unique piece of jewelry that is exactly what you have in mind. Custom-designed engagement rings hold a tremendous sentimental value and are one-of-a-kind items that will be cherished forever.

What Are the Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings?

One of the most important factors to consider when buying diamond engagement rings is the diamond’s shape. Depending on the cut you choose, the ring could end up appearing modern or vintage, elongating your finger, or shouting your commitment to your true love. No matter the statement you would like to make, consider these popular diamond shapes for engagement rings:


Round-cut diamonds are many brides' first choice when shopping for diamond engagement rings for sale. The diamond’s brilliance and fire pave the way for its popularity since we all love a big sparkle.


Diamonds with a cushion shape have square sides and rounded corners, similar to a pillow. These diamonds are perfect for brides who love vintage styles.


If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring that is more subtle or complements your small fingers, a ring with an emerald-cut diamond will be your best friend. This shape allows the diamond’s clarity to take center stage, keeping the sparkle to a minimum but the class to a maximum.


Fashionistas love Asscher-cut diamonds for their octagonal shape and high radiance and sparkle. It’s also very versatile and not prone to breakage.


Similar to emerald-cut diamonds, radiant-cut diamonds feature elongated rectangular shapes. However, these diamonds have more of a sparkle than emerald-shaped diamonds. Unfortunately, this shape of diamond is rare, and it may be difficult to find a diamond engagement ring for sale with this cut.


Trillion-cut diamonds have a triangular shape, making them popular among alternative brides.


Another popular style of diamond ring, the princess cut provides a modern flair while offering just as much brilliance as a round-cut diamond but at a more convenient price.


Oval-cut diamonds are perfect for those who love a large stone since their elongated shape makes them appear larger than round-cut diamonds. They also have a similar sparkle to round diamonds. Oval diamond rings are often preferred by women who have small hands because the diamond elongates their fingers.


Elegance is the name of the game with a marquise cut diamond. The curved sides and pointed ends afford a more classic style while providing a high sparkle.


A pear-cut diamond takes the shape of a teardrop and is perfect for brides who enjoy vintage jewelry. Those who prefer large stones often buy engagement rings with pear-cut diamonds.


Hearts are the ultimate symbol of love. Hopeless romantics fall in love with this diamond shape every day. However, it’s not traditionally used for engagement rings.


Used primarily as side stones, baguette diamonds have a long, rectangular shape that complements a range of center stones in three-stone engagement rings.

No matter the shape of diamond you desire for your ring, you can trust our jewelry shop to have everything you could ever desire. And if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, our designers will use custom ring settings and lab-grown diamonds to create your ideal ring.

What Engagement Ring Styles & Metal Types Are Available?

Once you’ve decided on a diamond shape, the next step is choosing a ring style and metal type for the ring setting. With so many options available, you are sure to find a gorgeous engagement ring that suits your personal style and preferences.

We take pride in having the best and most extensive styles of engagement rings to choose from to make that moment extra special. At our Yardley and Fairless Hills shops, you can buy diamond engagement rings with the following styles:









You can further express your undying love by choosing a ring with a metal setting that reflects your true love’s personality. We have engagement rings available in the following metals:

Yellow Gold

White Gold

Rose Gold


Mixed Metal

Make Your Proposal Shine With a Diamond Engagement Ring

Whether you’re looking for a specific style, such as modern or edgy, or you’re not sure where to even start, our professional jewelers can help! We have a wide selection of pre-made engagement rings as well as custom jewelry design services, so you can buy the diamond engagement ring of your dreams at a price that fits your budget.

We proudly serve the Bucks County and NJ areas, including Princeton, Ewing, and Hamilton, NJ, with our Yardley and Fairless Hills stores. Stop by our custom jewelry shop today to find the perfect ring for that special someone in your life!

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