5 Signs It’s Time to Service Your Watch

Your watch is a beautiful adornment on your wrist. Whether you bought it yourself or it was a gift, you cherish it deeply and even have dreams of passing it down as a family heirloom. If you want to get the most “time” out of your wristwatch, you will need to have it serviced occasionally.

Between these service intervals, you may notice a few things wrong with your luxury watch. Make sure you keep an eye out for these signs that your watch needs repair and get it checked by a professional right away.

The Watch Gains or Loses Time

It’s common for watches to be ahead by a few seconds since environmental factors influence the time they display. While a few seconds is normal, several minutes are not. If your watch is running fast, you will want to have it repaired by a professional because the watch may have been accidentally magnetized, and this issue needs to be carefully rectified.

In a similar vein, your watch could be running slow and losing time. This may indicate mechanical problems or power source issues. A watch expert can inspect your watch and detect the source of these timing inaccuracies.

The Second Hand Skips Several Seconds

Both mechanical and quartz watches are susceptible to stuttering second hands. While the skipping hand doesn’t typically affect the accuracy of your timepiece in the short term, it’s still an issue that needs to be addressed by a professional at a watch service center.

If you leave the problem unaddressed, the watch may lose time or stop working altogether, requiring an expensive watch repair. For this reason, you will want to have your watch serviced sooner rather than later. The solution may be a simple battery replacement or repair.

There’s Moisture Inside the Case

Moisture is the leading cause of damage to watches. If the slightest bit of water gets underneath the glass face, the moving parts in your watch are at risk of corrosion. Moisture inside the watch can indicate that the gaskets have worn down or the watch was not properly resealed after servicing.

To protect your watch from corrosion, you will want to have it repaired as soon as you notice water droplets underneath the glass. If you cannot have your watch checked right away, keep it on your wrist, even at night, because the warmth from your skin will keep the moisture from reaching the moving parts. Also, never try to place the watch in a bag of rice or under a hairdryer because these options will not reach the watch’s internal components.

Parts Are Loose or the Watch “Rattles”

If your watch is rattling, this is never a good sign. There may be a loose spring or screw that is affecting the operation of the watch. You will want to take it off, place it in a bag or box, and carefully take it to your watch repair shop to prevent further damage.

The Watch Band Becomes Stiff or Sticks

Both leather and metal watch bands are susceptible to wear and tear. You may notice that your band has become stiffer or harder to move. If you’re no longer happy with how your watch band functions or looks, you can easily update your watch by replacing the band with the assistance of a watch repairman.

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