Should You Buy a Loose Diamond or a Pre-Mounted Diamond Ring?

While shopping for engagement rings in Hamilton, NJ, or wedding bands with diamond settings, you have several decisions to make. Customers often do not realize they have the opportunity to choose between a loose and pre-mounted diamond. Perhaps, this isn’t your first time shopping for a ring, and you are beginning to realize that a pre-set diamond ring is not your only option. In fact, purchasing a loose diamond and a setting separately may be the best solution depending on your situation. Let’s check out the pros and cons of buying a pre-set diamond ring vs. a loose diamond.

Pros & Cons of a Pre-Mounted Diamond Ring

Pre-set rings feature diamonds already mounted in a mass-produced setting. These rings are a convenient option for people who want to buy an engagement ring on the spot. All they have to know is their loved one’s style preference and ring size, and they can leave with a ring in their pocket that same day. Pre-mounted diamond rings also make it easy to find a ring your future fiancee will fall head over heels for because every jewelry store carries a wide selection of engagement rings.

While buying a ring with a mounted stone is a convenient option for those shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands, there are several disadvantages to buying a pre-set ring. First and foremost, it’s hard to evaluate the quality of the diamond. Flaws and inclusions can be purposefully (or accidentally) hidden from view with careful placement of the stone in the setting. In turn, you may buy an engagement ring with a diamond that is imperfect and at risk of becoming damaged easily down the road.

Additionally, the setting holding the diamond can make it difficult to assess the diamond’s true color and clarity. A gold band may cause a stone to appear less yellow, while a silver setting can boost a diamond’s whiteness. In both these instances, the diamond will appear as if it is of greater value than it is. You may end up overpaying for the diamond ring.

Pros & Cons of a Loose Diamond

Buying a loose diamond is by far the safest way to get a quality diamond ring for your special someone. Because the diamond hasn’t been mounted yet, you can inspect every little detail. You will be able to spot inclusions and flaws and accurately observe the stone’s light performance. All too often, mountings like bezel settings limit the amount of light that can shine through the diamond, and you are not able to see how brilliantly the stone sparkles. This isn’t an issue when you choose a loose diamond. In fact, you can assess a diamond based on the 4Cs much more easily when the stone hasn’t been mounted yet.

Another benefit of buying a loose diamond over a pre-set diamond ring is the variety of options available. You can tailor your loved one’s ring according to your budget and their style and quality preferences. If you decide to buy the diamond without a setting, you can design a custom diamond engagement ring, guaranteeing your fiancee can sport a piece of jewelry that is as unique as your love.

What is the downside to purchasing a loose diamond instead of a pre-mounted diamond ring? You will need to spend more time shopping for the perfect diamond. You will want to make sure the stone meets the guidelines established by the 4Cs and that you are buying from a reputable diamond supplier. Once you have your diamond, the work isn’t complete. You will need to shop for a setting that highlights the brilliance of your diamond and then wait to have the diamond mounted. Because of the time and attention involved, some shoppers choose to buy a pre-set ring over a loose diamond.

Pre-Set Diamond Ring vs. Loose Diamond: Which Should You Choose?

Now that you know the pros and cons of pre-mounted diamond rings vs. loose diamonds, you may be trying to decide which option is best for you and your loved one. The choice ultimately comes down to your personal circumstances. If you are short on time or have a limited budget, purchasing a pre-mounted ring will likely be the best option. On the other hand, if you have more flexibility with your timing and want a high-quality diamond, you should buy a loose diamond from a trusted vendor.

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