6 of the Most Common Jewelry Repairs

Whether you are an everyday jewelry wearer or you only take out your most exceptional pieces of special occasions, you likely treasure your jewelry. As such, you’ll want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible. Even still, accidents happen. With the help of a jeweler you trust, you can repair your jewelry to like-new condition and, in some cases, protect it from future damage with reinforcements. 

The common jewelry repairs include:

Ring Resizing and Soldering

Your finger might not be the same size it was when you first picked out your ring; life happens, and bodies change. A ring that fits well throughout the winter might suddenly be too tight around your normal finger throughout the summer. No matter your reason for seeking resizing, this process can help you enjoy wearing your favorite rings as much as you enjoy looking at them. 

Soldering often goes hand and hand with resizing, especially where wedding bands are concerned. Soldering your engagement ring and wedding band together can prevent loss and damage. Unsoldered wedding sets will wear down over time, and stones can get scratched. With ring soldering, you are a step ahead of future repairs. 

Ring Prong Replacement

In many rings, prongs are secured to the stone(s) of your ring. If you’re likely to wear your ring through intense activities, you may find that your prongs have bent or become damaged over time. Damaged prongs open you up to the risk of losing your stone. 

Signs that your ring prongs could be damaged include frequent snagging on your clothes or you notice a prong out of place. 

Ring Head and Setting Replacement

If damaged prongs are left undetected, your ring may need more invasive repairs in the future. If multiple prongs or all prongs have become damaged, you may need to repair or replace the ring head or setting to avoid losing or damaging the center stone. 

Chain and Clasp Repair

Whether you have a necklace or a bracelet you never take off, it’s likely seen its fair share of action. If you frequently swim, bathe, or wash dishes wearing your favorite necklace or bracelet, you may have started to notice a few broken chain links, discoloration, or issues with your clasp. The good news is that chain and clasp repairs are common and quick, so you’ll be back to wearing your favorite piece of jewelry in no time. 

Stone Replacement

Occasionally, jewelry damage goes unnoticed. With regular inspections by a professional jeweler, you can stay ahead of the early signs of damage you may have missed. If you haven’t had your jewelry inspected in quite some time, the precious stones and gems can become damaged and even lost. However, stone replacement isn’t exclusive to damage and repair. Stone replacement may also be part of celebrating an anniversary, a significant achievement, or an upgrade opportunity. 

Polishing and Cleaning

Fine jewelry is designed to last a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it will look brand new forever. To keep your precious jewelry looking like the day you received it, it’s essential to take it to a professional jeweler for regular polishing and cleanings. Just like your home or car, precious jewelry needs to be maintained to preserve its beautiful appearance. Regular jewelry inspections can help you stay ahead of potential — and costly — repairs the untrained eye may miss. 

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