Top Warning Signs Your Jewelry Is About to Break

From necklaces to rings, there are pieces of jewelry that people wear every day and never take off. While this is a common habit to have, it results in damage. This should be expected, but it can still cause shock and sadness when a favorite piece breaks. We will buy your broken jewelry from you at Michael’s Jewelers, but before you have to reach that point, let’s dive into the top warning signs your jewelry could break:

Bent Prong

If you find your jewelry getting stuck to your clothes or towel, it is a common sign that they could be significant damage. When checking if your prongs are damaged, it is time to get it fixed if it feels thinner with a flattened top. Prongs can bend if they are banged or dropped, making it a common injury. If the pong appears closer together to the others, that can be another sign of damage.

Loose Stones

Engagement rings and other types of jewelry that have stones are usually used to wear and tear. If a stone is loose, it can fall out, creating imperfections in your diamond ring or necklace. If you suspect it will fall out, it is vital to get it inspected so the damage doesn’t worsen. 

Loose Backs and Clasps

Every time you take off your favorite necklace or bracelet, you wear out the clasp over time. If you realize that they are not tightening like they used to, it is a good idea to get it checked out so further damage like a broken link occurs. The same damage can apply to earrings and the backs that keep them in place. If your favorite earrings feel loose, don’t ignore it; get them tightened.

Keeping Your Jewelry Safe and Sound

It is essential to remember how to notice damage to your jewelry. Here are some tips to keeping your jewelry safe in the future:

  • Keep it dry: Keep your jewelry away from moisture and liquids.
  • Store it safely: Try Ziploc bags when storing jewelry to help it not get tangled with other chains or stones.
  • Give your jewelry a break: Instead of wearing the same pieces every day, try something new to give the other ones a break from wear.

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