11 Different Cuts of Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect ring for that special someone can be stressful. From ring sizes to cuts, there’s a lot that goes into picking out the one that’s just right! We’re here to help! Here are the 11 most common cuts of diamonds for engagement rings.

  • Round Brilliant CutThis cut tends to be the one you most commonly see. The ‘stereotypical’ cut of engagement ring you’d think of when you say diamond ring. It resembles a cone shape with a round shape when viewing from the top.
  • Princess CutOne of the second most commonly found cut of engagement rings in the princess cut! This cut was only recently introduced in the early 1960s but has since become one of the most popular. When looked at from above, it has a square or rectangular shape. From the side is similar to an inverted pyramid.
  • Emerald CutThis cut is exactly how it sounds. It looks like an emerald shape. Unlike the princess, it is rectangular. These tend to be less popular than the round brilliant cut and the princess cut, but they are just as elegant and breathtaking.
  • Oval CutAnother recently created cut, again in the 1960s is the oval cut. This mixture of the round and the marquise provides a more luminous look to the diamond. These unique diamonds are cut into a perfectly symmetrical design to give an exquisite look for both your hands and the diamond.
  • Baguette CutThis particular cut of diamond looks very similar to the emerald cut. The difference, however, baguette cut diamonds have only 14 facets, while emerald has between 50-58. Although that can be confusing at first glance. Visually, baguette cuts are longer and more narrow in shape. Typically you find this cut of diamonds along the band of the ring.
  • Pear CutThis diamond cut looks almost like a teardrop. This cut, like the round brilliant, is known for its high sparkle and symmetry. Pear cuts are also known to make the wearer’s finger look slimmer, depending on how long it is. This is a more classic and elegant look.
  • Marquise CutThe marquise cut looks almost like a football, boat or eye shape from a top view. This is the least common cut for engagement rings. This is a more vintage cut that is decreasing in popularity but still remains to look stunning on ring fingers.
  • Radiant CutThis cut looks very similar to the emerald and the baguette diamond cut. The major difference here is that the corners are “loose”. In other words, the four corners of the emerald are cut. The trimmed corners give the diamond versatility to shine brightly.
  • Cushion CutA more unique cut of diamond, the cushion cut combines a square cut with softer, rounded corners. This style tends to be more of an antique style that is sought after for its soft, romantic elegance and beauty.
  • Trilliant CutThis cut of diamond is truly unique! Sometimes called a trillian or trillion, this triangle cut diamond can come with curved or sharp sides. This cut tends to look larger on the finger but usually, you’ll find this cut surrounding the main stone that is set. However, it’s also possible to see it as the main stone but it tends to require extra care.
  • HeartThis is rare for engagement rings but not impossible to see! The heart cut is exactly what it says it is – shaped like a heart! This is a very unique shape that has meaning and sparkles on the ring

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