Which Is The Most Popular Style Of Engagement Ring?

Round cut diamond engagement rings don’t have a monopoly on popularity, however. Another favorite that has been winning hearts and ring fingers for the past several years is the oval cut diamond ring. Like round cut diamond rings, these rings feature a center stone with remarkable brilliance due to the stone’s facets. What’s unusual about […]

Retirement Sale

With this special sale, you can get up to 75% off all merchandise in store. It’s important to note that this sale is only taking place at our Fairless Hills location! Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or a loved one, you can pick from our beautiful selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and other […]

Tips for Picking Out A Men’s Wedding Band

Below are some things men should consider before shopping for their wedding band. Be Yourself While Respecting Tradition Many couples like to have matching wedding rings for their big day. As a man, it is important to respect traditions but also be yourself. Before you decide to match, is important to not let it restrict […]

How much should you spend on an engagement ring

While there are many issues to consider, knowing how much to spend on an engagement ring is naturally the first question that you need to answer. The rules of engagement (rings) Ultimately, there are two main issues to consider – her expectations, and your budget. As with many things in life, striking the right balance […]

Traveling with jewelry? What no one tells you

If you don’t, the threat of seeing your holiday ruined by damage to the rings, watches, and necklaces will be very real. Pay attention to the following factors and you won’t go far wrong. Your jewelry is at the greatest risk during the journey. Your luggage will be touched by several baggage handlers throughout the […]

What is a Lab Diamond?

The diamonds are formed from actual carbon atoms. These are arranged with the exact characteristic diamond crystal structure of a naturally made diamond. Due to the fact that these diamonds are made from the same material as natural alternatives, they have the same chemical and optical properties. This means that they offer the exact aesthetic […]

Mothers Day Jewelry Gifts That’ll Make Mom Smile

Finding the perfect gift for Mom on Mother’s Day can be stressful. From choosing an item that is high quality and sentimental enough, there’s a lot that goes into picking out the one that’s just right! Fortunately, we’re here to help! Here are the five most common Mother’s Day jewelry gifts that will be sure […]

11 Different Cuts of Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect ring for that special someone can be stressful. From ring sizes to cuts, there’s a lot that goes into picking out the one that’s just right! We’re here to help! Here are the 11 most common cuts of diamonds for engagement rings. Round Brilliant CutThis cut tends to be the one you most […]

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