How much should you spend on an engagement ring

While there are many issues to consider, knowing how much to spend on an engagement ring is naturally the first question that you need to answer.

The rules of engagement (rings)

Ultimately, there are two main issues to consider – her expectations, and your budget. As with many things in life, striking the right balance is vital. Moreover, you must not forget that you will have a wedding to pay for, as well as other life milestones such as buying a house.

Buying a cheap and tacky ring isn’t going to elicit the reaction you want, so it’s important to spend a good amount of money on a ring. But do not allow it to put your financial future at risk.

It’s not just about the cost

While the cost of engagement rings is the first barometer that you’ll use, it’s equally important to put your heart into the purchase. A luxury engagement ring from a specialist will always evoke the special reactions that you crave.

Frankly, that feeling is priceless.

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