What’s the Best Diamond Color for Yellow Gold Rings?

Have you fallen in love with the glamorous tint of yellow gold rings? This classic band color provides a level of sophistication to anyone who wears it. Whether you are designing a custom engagement ring or shopping around, you will be pleased to know that yellow gold rings give you more options. An array of diamonds, no matter how yellow their tint, will look white against the band’s yellow glow.

Before you buy diamond rings with yellow gold bands, it’s important to familiarize yourself with one aspect of the 4 Cs of diamond quality — diamond color! Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best diamond color for a yellow gold ring.

A Brief Overview of Diamond Color Grades

Gemological labs determine the quality of diamonds based on four criteria — cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. White diamonds, which you are perhaps most familiar with, are graded based on their lack of color. There are ten color grades for white diamonds, ranging from D to M. You may hear these diamonds called colorless diamonds, near colorless diamonds, and faint diamonds. Colorless diamonds have little to no yellow tint, while faint diamonds have more of a yellow tint.

If the diamond has enough hints of yellow, brown, or any other color, it is considered a fancy color diamond. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring or want a nice piece of fine jewelry, the best diamond color for a yellow gold ring would be white. However, fancy colored diamonds add flair and personality to any style, so they shouldn’t be completely dismissed.

Diamond Colors That Pair Well With Yellow Gold Rings

The more a diamond lacks color, the higher it is rated by laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Colorless diamonds have the highest ratings (D, E, and F) and a marvelous sparkle. But if you’re shopping on a tighter budget, you could save money by pairing your yellow gold band with a lower-graded diamond, which has faint tints of yellow that all but disappear when mounted to a yellow gold ring. Let’s take a closer look at the best diamond colors for yellow gold rings.


White diamonds graded D, E, or F are colorless and considered some of the rarest because they are so hard to come by. Since these stones are so rare, they are the most expensive. Of course, their brilliance and sparkle are unmatched, making them the perfect option for engagement rings.

It’s important to note that the glow of the yellow gold ring will give the white diamond a bit of color once it’s mounted. If you want to keep your diamond from having a yellow tint, use white gold prongs when mounting the diamond to the yellow gold ring. Otherwise, you can let the gold shine through for added flair!

Near Colorless

Perhaps the number one best diamond color for a yellow gold ring is a near colorless diamond. Diamonds graded G through J have an ever-so-slight yellow tint. These diamonds look white when set in yellow gold but do not have the high price tag that colorless diamonds do. This means you could save some money, and no one would know the difference! Plus, you could use your extra pennies to invest in a more extravagant honeymoon or a starter home.


An even more affordable option would be to pair your yellow gold band with a faint diamond. Diamonds graded from K to M have a noticeable yellow glow when placed in white gold or platinum settings. However, this glow diminishes when the gem is mounted in a yellow gold ring. Just be careful when adding accent stones to the ring. If the stones are colorless, the yellow tint of the main diamond will surely stand out.

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Choosing the best diamond color for a yellow gold ring really comes down to personal preference. Only you will be able to say whether a pairing works or not. The best way to find the perfect diamond for you is to visit a jewelry store in person. At Michael’s Jewelers, we can help you choose or design your dream engagement ring. Stop by our store today to peruse our certified GIA diamonds and see how we can help ensure your jewelry’s sparkle will last a lifetime.

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